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Powershell – Invoke command used for Get-AppLockerFileInformation Windows 2008

This script which I have written can be used for getting app-locker event information from remote computers using power-shell on windows 2008 servers.   Invoke command calls applocker.ps1 on remote computer mentioned and exports the output to csv format, this … Continue reading

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PowerCLI script for deleting specified user account from ESX/ESXi hosts

vSphere PowerCLI: Windows PowerShell interface for managing vSphere is very powerful tool that can be used for managing large environments running ESX/ESXi servers. I have tried writing a Powercli script for deleting specified user account from ESX host This script … Continue reading

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VSS – System writer not found in backup windows 2008 std sp2

We’ll discuss about a VSS backup issue on windows 2008 Sp2 virtual machine running on VMware platformSystem writer is not found in the backupWhenever we tried to run system state backup using wbadmin, the system state backup used to fail … Continue reading

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Get CPU core information using Power-Shell

How to get cpu core information on windows 2003 and 2008 servers ?The answer is here its just simple we can get CPU core information on all the servers provided in servers.txt file using power-shell script which uses WMI to get CPU core information … Continue reading

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