RamMap – usage of rammap.exe for troubleshooting unexplained high memory usage on windows servers

RamMap Sysinternal tool is a physical memory usage analysis utility for Windows operating systems Microsoft Windows Vista and later..

This great tool will provide a graphical view of physical memory usage in different tabs.

Use Counts: usage summary by type and paging list
Processes: process working set sizes
Priority Summary: prioritized standby list sizes
Physical Pages: per-page use for all physical memory
Physical Ranges: physical memory addresses
File Summary: file data in RAM by file
File Details: individual physical pages by file

This tool can be used to analyze memory usage on servers when you don’t get actual details from task manager or resource monitor. It can be used to perform analysis of how memory has been allocated to a application.

You can download this tool from systinternals site – http://download.sysinternals.com/files/RAMMap.zip

Situations where I found this tool useful….

1. Windows 2008 file servers where high memory is being utilized by file system cache.
2. Windows 2008 server with high memory utilization and task manager or resource monitor are not showing the exact physical memory utilization on server.

To learn more about this tool visit http://blogs.technet.com/b/askperf/archive/2010/08/13/introduction-to-the-new-sysinternals-tool-rammap.aspx

Scenario where I used this tool in real time troubleshooting of high memory utilization on Windows 2008 Ent Sp2 running MSSQL.

One of the SQL server running on Windows 2008 Sp2 was continously at 99% memory utilization and task manager or resource monitor was not showing accurate information about which process was utilizing high memory.
Server was installed with 64 GB of physical memory out of which 17% was being utilized by SQL process and no other information was available in task manager.
Running rammap.exe utility on server shows mapped file count is utilizing 62 GB of memory.
There was a SQL job running to copy(backup) DB files from production server to DR server.
Stopping the SQL copy job resolved the high memory utilization on the server(see the below sreenshots).






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Hello, I have been working on windows since 9 years and currently working as windows, VMware and MS clustering SME at IBM. Whenever I get free time I participate in Microsoft forums and write some blogs to enhance my technical and communication skills through knowledge sharing. Please contact me on FB or Linkedin if you need any assistance on troubleshooting, implementation and virtualizaton.
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    Very Good technical site..


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